Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Have a few new patterns..and more to come! After alot of request for the SnowAngel Doll pattern, I am going to get her done as a pattern..she won't be available anywhere else but here http://www.bluemoonbeginnings.com/ , so I hope you'll come back for her. The doll will be listed at http://opp-saints-bluemoonbeginnings.blogspot.com/ Febuary 15th. There will also be a new Halloween Doll listed here.. http://opp-spooks-bluemoonbeginnings.blogspot.com/ that pattern will be made available also! I'm very excited about being apart of The Olde Primitive Peddler.. http://primitivepeddler-bluemoonbeginnings.blogspot.com/ I will be listing new dolls there on the 15th of each month..not only me.. but some very talented gals..so please add it to your favorites and check it out!

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