Sunday, October 2, 2011

whew, there just isn't enough time in a day, but actually its too long anyways! lol I think I need 2 of me,I'm sure I'm not alone! Been working on my etsy shop,its nice to be able to take orders for dolls, than try and guess what to do. Plus, you get that customer interaction, which is always a positive. Love that. I've also joined a couple of etsy teams pafa and ofg..the ladies have been very welcoming in both groups.
Well this week I did take a lil time to myself, to do abit of fall decorating around here..I've missed  doing  that (decorating) since I have moved here. Been here for just about a year now, and I  still have boxes to unpack. This place is so small tho..I really need to let go of a few things..but geez there's memories tied up in so many..whats a person to do!? lol
Have had request for patterns of  the Man in the MooN , and also the  Woodsy Owl I am gonna try and get those done this week. I still have hopes for thanksgiving patterns..I haven't given up on those! ..oh and Christmas too! lol..I think my plate is more than full!
By the by..I am working on a website..where I can load all my patterns..sell my dolls, and take orders for dolls..really excited about this! I'll be advertising in hopes I get a few visits!
Alrighty I know I should probaly get some pictures up of the new things, but I need to get those old shutters spruced up and back to use in my photos..I need the contrast! I am such a procrastinator!