Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thought I better check in..before I forgot my password again! Its the little things that confuse me! lol..Gosh the weeks are flying by! In a couple of hours, Fall will have officially arrived! Then we all know whats coming next..Christmas! So I've semi started thinking about  Christmas and Winter patterns..tho I still have ideas for Thanksgiving..which  I really want to do..seems to be a lack of thanksgiving patterns, I'd like to fill that void if I praying I'll solidify the ideas I have and hoping to find the time to do them. Meanwhile I have completed a few more patterns,since I was last here's a few pics..

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Well Good Morning and Good Night! Got more done today than I expected, but less than I wanted..all in all..a good day..A special thanks to Denise for urging me to get Hannah's pattern done..Thank you Denise!!
Here's a pic..I think she's really special, I may keep this one for myself! lol..the pattern will be in the usual places.

Love it!! Fall is in the air!! I wish this season would last longer than any other! lol..Every year I wait for the morning glories to appear and then I know ..its coming!  There are so many patches of them down this dirt path..I walk EverReady down that path at least 5 times a day,and I always reminded,how great God is.
Well I did get a pattern made from the idea , I had swimming around the other day..I just wish to heck I could get better pictures!  My daughter loves it..that always thrills me!
So the pattern is listed at pattern mart  (well will be on Sunday..or after midnight tonight!) the pattern cupboard, the prim pattern, and on etsy.
Got errands again this hopefully I'll get em done quickly and get back to do a couple of patterns I downloaded..from chesnut junction, and the crows roost..I love the simple patterns..(I love these gals..only hope to aspire to have as much talent as they have)they are just chock full of potential! More bang for the buck! Right? lol..well here's a pic of the new pattern.  Gonna let you have a peek at EverReady too..he's such a ham! LOL

Thursday, September 8, 2011

New ideas just a swimming in my head this morning! Its good to know there's still some sap left in this old girl! lol  Errands to run this goodie making will have to wait til later on today..blah! Hopefully I will get some new patterns outta these ideas..from my heart to the Lord above,to Whom I am always grateful! <3

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Two other patterns I am not sure about is for Hannah and the other is for Cats N Jacks..we'll see what comes up this week.
Well we pulled through Irene, my heart and prayers go out to those who are still suffering with the devastation left behind.
I realized alot about my life in those 14 hours she hung around..I waste alotta my time on I am aiming at spending my time a little bit more wisely! More time with the kids..even if they wanna play yahzee marathons..and listen to the music so loud that the walls sway! Less time playing on the computer..sorry FrontierVille..I gotta get busy! I love what I do..even tho I do let myself get a lil nutty thinking about whats next..
We did manage to get a few new pieces done this week..even got a pattern done, and downloaded at pattern mart,the prim pattern, and the pattern cupboard.
Lil Joe..the scarecrow is available: