Sunday, September 4, 2011

Well we pulled through Irene, my heart and prayers go out to those who are still suffering with the devastation left behind.
I realized alot about my life in those 14 hours she hung around..I waste alotta my time on I am aiming at spending my time a little bit more wisely! More time with the kids..even if they wanna play yahzee marathons..and listen to the music so loud that the walls sway! Less time playing on the computer..sorry FrontierVille..I gotta get busy! I love what I do..even tho I do let myself get a lil nutty thinking about whats next..
We did manage to get a few new pieces done this week..even got a pattern done, and downloaded at pattern mart,the prim pattern, and the pattern cupboard.
Lil Joe..the scarecrow is available:


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