Saturday, September 10, 2011

Love it!! Fall is in the air!! I wish this season would last longer than any other! lol..Every year I wait for the morning glories to appear and then I know ..its coming!  There are so many patches of them down this dirt path..I walk EverReady down that path at least 5 times a day,and I always reminded,how great God is.
Well I did get a pattern made from the idea , I had swimming around the other day..I just wish to heck I could get better pictures!  My daughter loves it..that always thrills me!
So the pattern is listed at pattern mart  (well will be on Sunday..or after midnight tonight!) the pattern cupboard, the prim pattern, and on etsy.
Got errands again this hopefully I'll get em done quickly and get back to do a couple of patterns I downloaded..from chesnut junction, and the crows roost..I love the simple patterns..(I love these gals..only hope to aspire to have as much talent as they have)they are just chock full of potential! More bang for the buck! Right? lol..well here's a pic of the new pattern.  Gonna let you have a peek at EverReady too..he's such a ham! LOL

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