Tuesday, June 14, 2011

All my patterns are on sale til the end of the month at http://www.patternmart.com/ buy two get one free..I love those kinda sales! Working on some new ones for fall, I sure don't want the summer to pass to quickly,winter wasn't too friendly last year,being us southerners are allergic to snow! lol

Monday, June 13, 2011

Well I think I might have conquered getting the template downloaded here...looks like it from where I'm sitting. lol
Couldn't sleep, well I did fall off for abit had a dream about Simba ,eating all my food, LOL
We lost him a year ago, I guess maybe he was telling me he missed me too, and wanted to let me know he missed all those forbidden foods, I used to give him, saying..;last one now..last one now.;.you hear me? lol
He was as big as a lion and lion-hearted to boot! If one of my kids or my husband dared to raise their voice, he would remind them I was the Queen! lol God loVe him! Here's a pic of him.;.beautiful,gentle faithful to a fault,a truer friend I never had. I miss you buddy! xx

Had a busy past week, for once I got some work done, a couple of new items that can be found at the Prim Nest http://www.primnest.com/ and also here Lemon Poppy Seeds http://www.lemonpoppyseeds.com/shoppes/psbluemoonbeginnings/

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

At last I have found something to work on when sleep won't come! lol..I've been slacking on using my creative abilities..I have taken a whole year off! oh my goodness! Well I am done with the slacking! :D I have some new ideas.;.finished 1 today! The smell of the dolls baking thrilled my nose??!!!! lol.. I loved it!! Gonna try to insert a photo of the finished idea. Will have it listed at patternmart on Sunday as a pattern. Am gonna list the item at http://www.primnest.com/ so I hope you'll stop by..I am excited about it..and its high time I got excited about something!
I am gonna try and figure this out!